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        Source:Liuzhou Daily Date:2021-06-21 15:00

        Recently, in Huaihong Village of Baipeng Town, farmers witnessed a bumper harvest of lotus planted in spring. Seizing the farming time, farmers are rushing to pick spring lotus roots and plant summer ones under the hot sun busily.

        Baipeng Town is the main producing area for double cropping lotus root in Liujiang District, whose planting area reaches 2,133.33 hectares. According to Nong Ji, head of promotion center of agricultural technologies in Baipeng Town, the farmers are now busy with picking spring lotus roots, which produce 27,000 kilograms per hectare. This year the purchase price for each kilogram of lotus root is about 9 yuan. Lotus root industry has become a major way for local farmers to increase income. In recent years, Baipeng Town has accelerated the development of lotus root industry and promoted traditional agriculture to transform into a modern one. While further exploring special resources of tourism and culture and carrying out Baipeng lotus flower eco-tourism project, the town has improved lotus root variety and upgraded with high-yield and high-quality ones, ensuring sustainable and high-quality development.